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Inline Axial Fan-Impeller Type D (YFIAD)

Inline Axial Fan-Impeller Type D (YFIAD)

The sailfish has a muscular and streamlined body and its dorsal fin normally remains down to reduce drag as it swims. It zips through the water like a flight of arrows and attacks its unwary prey easily. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the sailfish wears the crown as the fastest swimmer in the oceans, capable of speeds up to 190 km/h. (kilometre per hour) Inspired by this natural performance, INFINAIR engineers have studied the sailfish to incorporate the best features of bion



INFINAIR TRINITY-LEAN smart fans are good examples of INFINAIR fans that feature green technologies. Energy consumption is growing with the development of science and technology. It has become a key topic around the globe to save energy and reduce emissions for better environment.


Highly Efficient Inline Vane Axial Fan Impeller Type M - YFIAM

This video is about model YFIAM, an Inline Vane Axial fan, with airfoil impeller, and adjustable blade angle. YFIAM is a very famous model of INFINAIR. It is suitable for either general or smoke spill duty.


INFINAIR Inline Square Mixed Flow Fan - Wheel Type H Model-YFISH

INFINAIR fans Series YFISH are of a highly efficient and patented (patent granted by China) mixed flow type that holds a leading industry position.


INFINAIR DWDI Centrifugal Cabinet Fan YFICK

The INFINAIR fan Series YFICK represents the high-end product for building ventilation systems. Its DWDI centrifugal wheel features large airflow and high efficiency. The maximum airflow capacity is 130,000 m³/h and static pressure 1600 Pa. The aluminum alloy construction helps create light weight and aesthetically pleasing appearance. It has high balance quality grade of G2.5 and can be widely used in applications such as building ventilation systems or central air conditioning units.



Ventilation design is a process that involves multiple types of ventilation fans. Positive inducing fan is also known as jet fan. Its principle comes from the air disturbance characteristic in high speed movement. It uses the ejected high-speed air to drive the air circulation.


Tunnel Ventilation Fan - Jet Type - YFTNV

As urban areas expand fast worldwide, infrastructure is scaling up with an increasing number of metro and road tunnel projects being built. Based on a comprehensive survey of domestic as well as international metro tunnel projects, the INFINAIR jet fan Model YFTNV is designed through INFINAIR’s independent research and development efforts. The design, production and testing procedures conform to JB/T 10489-2004 Technical Specification for Tunnel Jet Fans.


INFINAIR i-Control System

Our company is highly professional inventilation and ventilation control system. INFINAIR offers a one-stop solution combining both the ventilation equipment and relevantautomatic control system.

Metro Fan-Vane Axial Type - YFMRT

Metro Fan-Vane Axial Type - YFMRT

Welcome to INFINAIR,INFINAIR’s tunnel fans include:Metro/ Tunnel Axial fan - YFMRT Metro/ Tunnel Axial fan (Reversible) - YFMRT(R) Jet Fan – YFTNV. This video is the introduction of the YFMRT series. The maximum air volume is 980,000 m3/h and the air pressure is 2800 Pa.

Centrifugal Utility Set (SWSI) w/ Aluminum Wheel - Model CUS

(SWSI) Centrifugal Utility Set model CUS

The CUS suits small and confined areas of commercial buildings. It can be mounted either on the ground & roof, or ceiling hung. It can be installed indoor, or outdoor when a weather cover is accompanied, to prolong its life expectancy and prevent accidental human injuries.

Roof mounted exhaust fan – RTC

Roof mounted exhaust fan – RTC

This video would introduce roof exhaust fan, model RTC. The roof fan housing and wheel are made of aluminum alloy, which effectively reduce roof load; investment on steel structure is saved.

Inline square centrifugal fan - ISQ

Inline square centrifugal fan - ISQ

This video is about inline square centrifugal fan model ISQ. This centrifugal fan ISQ is a very popular model of INFINAIR.

Inline Mixed-flow fan-Model YFIMF

Inline Mixed-flow fan - Model YFIMF

This video is about an exclusive innovation presented to you by INFINAIR, our model YFIMF, the mixed flow fan with Wind-Hunter series wheel design.

WEX & WSP Sidewall Fan

WEX & WSP Sidewall Fan

This video is about INFINAIR sidewall exhaust and supply fan. WEX is the side wall exhaust fan, while WSP is the side wall supply fan. They can be utilized in either industrial workshop or large buildings.

Expert Series of Industrial Blowers

Expert Series of Industrial Blowers

This video is about INFINAIR industrial process blowers. INFINAIR offer you the most complete range of industrial process blowers, more than 10 kinds of different aerodynamic centrifugal wheel platforms are readily available.



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