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Company Profile

Company Profile - INFINAIR


(Old name: Shanghai Nautilus General Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd)



INFINAIR is an innovative company which provides environmental and intelligent solutions for all aspects of ventilation systems in both private and public sector. They have been INFINAIR’s core values and commitments to our customers over the years.


Trademark: INFINAIR
Established Since: September 2003
Paid up capital: 50,000,000 RMB
Architectural area: 33,000 ㎡
Address: No. 55 Qingneng Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, P. R. China


Established: 2018
Factory Objectives: To produce INFINAIR fans and supply it to customers in MENA with short delivery
Architectural Area: 2,383 ㎡ 
Factory Location: Kingdom of Jordan - Amman Mowaqqar Free Zone - Industrial area
Head Office: Amman - Zarqa Amman main road- Tabarbour area -Jordan
Contact: [email protected]




Company Vision:
To become the most trusted brand of professional air movement & control solution provider.


Company Mission:
To provide the most reliable and user-friendly air movement & control system.


Scope of business: including R&D, manufacturing and service of:


* Complete, high-quality environmental ventilation equipment and system solutions for various kinds of buildings (Commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, sports facilities, industrial workshops, etc.).


* Industrial process air transportation equipment and system solutions.


* Infrastructure based ventilation solutions for MRT & tunnels


* System design, manufacturing & commissioning of automation control and monitoring system.


* Eagle service: Fast after-sales service and support.


* Smart fans: BLDC & EC fans



Awards and Achievements:
* High-tech Enterprise
* Renowned Shanghai trademark
* Famous Shanghai brand name
* SGS ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Management Certificates


Technological Strength:
* INFINAIR's Air Movement & Sound Laboratory is the first Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) accredited Laboratory in the mainland of China.(*)

(*) Product performance data based on tests in an AMCA Accredited Laboratory are not to be construed as being licensed to bear the AMCA Seal.

* It is also certified by Chinese National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

* Most of the INFINAIR’s products are tested and certified by many international certification bodies such as AMCA, TUV SUD, CE, CRAAQCC, etc.


INFINAIR’s Intelligent Ventilation Technology
Smart Needs Identification
It can dynamically adjust the operation target to the changing load and environment.

Intelligent Adjustment
The use of inverter or EC smart control technology can make the fans achieve best  results under the control of the intelligent speed regulation system.

Intelligent Real-time Information
Individual workstations are linked to the central control system through internet or local area network.

Intelligent Detection System
Reliable sensors can detect early symptoms and notify the user, ensuring stable operation.


INFINAIR’s Bionic Technology
INFINAIR’s Bionic Energy Conservation
We develop energy saving products by observing behaviors from the animal kingdom. For example, How can birds fly thousands of miles with extremely low energy consumption?

INFINAIR’s Bionic Sound  Reduction
Why Owls can fly so silently? Even mice are not being able to detect their approaches?

The research and development of INFINAIR’s products are heavily inspired by the animal evolution over the past millenniums. We have learnt how energy and sound are being able to conserve from their amazing changes.


INFINAIR’s Intelligent Fabrication

* Intelligent fabrication process.


* Power test, dynamic balancing test and communication test performed on the production line.


* Robotic welding technology. 


* Lean production.


* 6Σ  system.



Green Smart Technology
CFD Simulation & Analysis
A computer-aided air movement simulation model  can calculate the efficiency of the fan based on the number of blades, blade angle, width, and sound level.

Finite Element Analysis Technology
To analyze and provide accurate prediction of how material is likely to respond when subjected to structural and/or thermal loads.



INFINAIR’s After-sales Service
* We are here to help and our dedicated customer service is available 7 days a week.
* Professional service team is capable to provide customers with adequate ventilation solutions.
* We will ensure faulty products are repaired or replaced in a timely manner.



Certifications and Tests
Most of the products are certificated by:
CCCf, AMCA, TUV, RoHS and ErP2015

Performance and Reliability Tests:
Air Flow, Air Pressure, Power, Sound Level, Temperature Durability, Salt Spray  and Water Proof Test, etc


Matrix Connection
Central Connection
Terminal Connection



No.55 Qingneng Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, P.R. China

Zip Code:

201 806


+86 21-3918 5688 EXT-6896


[email protected]

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