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What makes INFINAIR i-Drive motors your best choice?



Motors are a critical part of fans. A reliable, energy-efficient and low-noise motor would effectively guarantee a fan’s operational performance. INFINAIR i-Drive motors represent a series of important products and services launched to increase product reliability and improve customer experience.


First, INFINAIR i-Drive motors offer 


1.    Greater efficiency


A. Lower stator copper loss

 Higher-quality copper wire

 Compact end design

 High copper space factor

 Outstanding impregnation process

 Properly extended iron core (to reduce current density)


B. Reduced air friction loss

 Smaller cooling disc with consistent cooling performance

 Higher-quality bearings

 More precisely controlled concentricity of stators and rotors to reduce vibration and fiction  


C. Lower stray loss

 Optimized electromagnetic design

 High-standard process control


D. Lower iron loss

 Materials of high magnetic permeability to ensure low iron loss

 Advanced trough-shaped design with thinner silicon steel sheets 




Premium Efficiency Model MSES motors IE3GB2

 High efficiency Model MSEH motors IE2GB3


1.    Motors perfectly matching with INFINAIR fans

 INFINAIR’s AMCA and CNAS accredited laboratory can test fan performance precisely, ensuring right motors are selected.

 The driving characteristics of INFINAIR motors are defined based on the fan load (that is: the driving power is in direct proportion to the speed cubed)

 Both the structure and components of INFINAIR motors are adjusted according to different application scenarios, such as:


1.When located inside the airstream, INFINAIR motors have no cooling discs mounted, a cost-saving practice that reduces disturbance.  


2.When located inside the airstream, INFINAIR motors adopt the B30 type structure as the first preference that reduces disturbance.


3. When located inside the active cooling chambers of smoke exhaust fans, INFINAIR motors then use metal cooling discs that withstand high temperature. This will greatly increase motors’ resistance to high temperature in extracting smoke.


4. When located inside the airstream, INFINAIR motors’ power junction box will be extended to the exterior of the housing for easy field wiring and maintenance. 


Second, Tips on using INFINAIR motors:


1.For low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors that conform to GB18613-2012 standard, high efficiency Model MSEH motors (IE2) shall be used to meet compliance requirements and reduce costs. 


2.For motors of  high load factor and long running time (yearly running hours× load factor0~100%4800 hours), it is recommended to use premium efficiency Model MSES motors (IE3) which is a more economical choice.


3.Should a motor be out of service, please replace it with a high (or premiun) effciency one.



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