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INFINAIR — Your Reliable Partner

Welcome to INFINAIR.

This video is about our company, including history, products, value, service, technology, production and future.

Integrated with R&D, tailor making, manufacturing, and international service ability, INFINAIR provides you complete, high-quality ventilation and industrial process air solution.

Not only an international finance center, a business hub, but also, Shanghai is leading the manufacturing capability over China. Please follow us to visit our advanced 33,000 m2 manufacturing center, right here in the dynamic and amazing global city.

Since 2003, INFINAIR started in a small workshop in Jiading, Shanghai. Now the modern R&D and manufacturing center are busy servicing the customers from all over the world. But, the dream of INFINAIR: Extraordinary experience of customers, & happy life of family members, has never changed.

Products we offer are including: commercial construction ventilation, industrial process blowers, and infra-structure ventilation.

Commercial construction Ventilation

Industrial process blowers

Infra-structure ventilation

The commercial construction fans are including: axial, inline centrifugal, roof, sidewall fans, and positive inducing ventilators.

The industrial process blowers we offer can fully support critical applications like high temperature, high pressure, explosive, corrosive, etc.

The reliable and economic ventilation solutions for metro & tunnel application are also products you can count on.

The above complete product line provides one stop convenient to you.

Beside the products, startup, commissioning and maintenance service are provided locally to you thru our int’l partners in your country. We name it Eagle Service, which means right to the point quickly.

INFINAIR control solution provides fan control cabinet design, manufacturing, and integrate the communication between BA system and fans.  

Take an example, inside a huge & modern mall in Manila, Infinair provided underground car park ventilation layout design, all positive inducing ventilators, all the related control cabinets, and, the system would automatically control the CO contamination in the total 6 floors of car park region.

Tailor making, is also something meaningful.

The 50 engineers of our R&D team have prepared more than 30 wheel platforms, this means we can then quickly tailor make a design for you without costing too much. The secret of how we can achieve this is: we choose one platform out of so many readily available ones, after that we use CFD & FEA to simulate until we find out the performance you required. Maybe we need to modify blade height, blade numbers, or blade angle. Once these are done, we test the sample in INFINAIR lab to verify everything is ok, the offer is then ready.

R&D ability is the core of product reliability. Our CFD, FEA and CAD technology, are fundamentally and significantly improving reliability.

As an engineer, I’m very proud that our products are widely certified by AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association). Now, I am working on applying more and more international certification, which we believe is essential for you. 

INFINAIR lab was established in 2006. Then, in 2013, we reinvested over 2 million US$ to renovate it. Now the one 30,000 m³/h and the two 200,000 m³/h super-large scale air chambers make the lab industrial-leading, world-class. 

INFINAIR lab is the first lab in Mainland China accredited by AMCA. And it is also listed as a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service) according to ISO Standard 17025 by Chinese authorities.

Our product value proposition is reliable, convenient, and novel. Reliability is always our first priority. 5S (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISOU, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE), Lean Production, APQP methods (Advanced Product Quality Planning), and Six Sigma system, we practice these every day.

Laser cutting, plasma cutting, robot welding, CNC (Computer numerical controlled) lathe, CNC bending, CNC shearing….: the investment on state-of-the-art machines decides your experience.

Beside those, thousands of moulds ensured the wheel platforms are right there to satisfy your needs. Such a large scale of product availability means convenient and quick solution.

Our vibration test bench is 18 meters long, 10 meters wide. It is surrounded by a vibration reduction groove, independent from the workshop foundation, and 40 meters deep into the ground. According to AMCA Standard 204, such test bench is a must to achieve BV3 grade, a vibration grade which means good product.

Beside hardware, we believe, the person, especially his spirit, is the key factor. Artisan spirit is something not just appreciated, but being rewarded in the workshop.

Hello, I am an operator of cutters. First thing I do everyday is to check and verify the gas pressure, electric current setting, size of nozzles, and the routing setup in the drawings. Those tiny details decide quality. Every night before I leave, I would clean the machine carefully, that’s a habit of everyone in my team. I proposed an improvement suggestion to the company, and I feel happy that they give me a bonus for that.

INFINAIR is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified company. Our unified and consistent environmental protection, occupational health and safety management systems minimize risk of casualty accidents and occupational diseases, guarantee property safety, improve work efficiency. 

These systems are deeply implemented into our organization structure, planning, activity, responsibility, working rule, procedure, processes. We believe these efforts would in the end benefit our customers’ experience.

We do care your experience. That’s why we focus on value. The R&D, product range, vibration, noise, efficiency, quality, delivery lead time, tailor making, service, are true values. We also pay so much energy on details, because all you see, hear, touch, and feel, are from details. 

How can we achieve this? I transformed the company into a platform, while all the people in INFINAIR is no longer an employee, we are partners of the INFINAIR business, your satisfaction is directly related to everyone, our development, our family, and our future. That’s why we care. 

Your extraordinary experience is our goal!


No.55 Qingneng Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, P.R. China

Zip Code:

201 806


+86 21-3918 5688 EXT-6896


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