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The Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plant

 With the lack of fossil fuel and aggravation of pollution, nuclear power is the unique new power can be Large-scale applied with great prospect. Nuclear power plant only needs to consume a little nuclear fuel and produce a large amount of electrical energy by using much less cost than thermal power station. Another advantage of nuclear power is clean, non-polluted, almost zero emission with a good prospect in China. Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant is located in Donggang town of Wafangdian City, Liaodong Bay of Bohai Sea in the East. There are three sides surrounded by the sea. It is located on the two level marine terraces. It is the first nuclear power project approved by government during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Besides, it is also the first nuclear power plant in the northeast that four a-million-kilowatt nuclear power units can be standardized and normalized. In June 2006, the first phase of the nuclear island project officially started. No.1 and No. 2 units’ excavation site of nuclear island foundation passed the inspection of National Nuclear Security Administration. Unit No.1 officially started in September 2007 and put into commercial operation in 2012. After the completion of the project, the daily generating capacity reaches 9600 kwh and the annual profit and tax are about 6 billion yuan.


1. The general core problems of ventilation system:

(1). The nuclear power plant needs a large number of cooling water to keep working. So Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant is located in the east side of Liaodong Bay of Bohai Sea. And there are three sides surrounded by the sea. The oceanic climate condition asks extremely strict requirements for corrosion protection of power plant equipment.

  • Site conditions for temperature: -28.7℃C-36.5℃.
  • The measured concentrations of sea salt ions: 0.1095mg/100cm2.d.
  • Estimated mean value of sea salt concentration: 0.1868 mg/100cm2.d.
  • Estimated peak value of sea salt concentration: 0 mg/100cm2.d.
  • Cl – concentration in the rain: 8156mg/m3.
  • PH value: 6.21.
  • Sulphation rate: 0.1004SO3 mg/100cm2.d.


Because of the high concentration of CL-, the rain has been acidic with strong corrosive. The effect of corrosion on the ventilation is not only the appearance. For example, if a tiny rivet is corded on the wind impeller, it may make the whole impeller fly apart in the process of high-speed operation and even cause deadly damage to the ventilation system. Therefore, the nuclear power plant has strict requirements to the ventilation equipment’s imputrescibility.

(2). By the consideration of the nuclear power plant’s economical efficiency and nuclear power radiation. It needs that the service life of ventilation is relatively long. So the stability of the structure of the ventilation requirements are relatively high. The axial flow fan / centrifugal fan and auxiliary equipment’s service life at least 10 years (except wearing parts). The safe operation of the time should be not less than 18000h before the first overhaul. Roof wind machine and auxiliary equipment’s service life at least 10 years. The safe operation of the time should be not less than 12000h before the first overhaul. Explosion-proof fan and auxiliary equipment’s using life at least 10 years. The safe operation of the time should be not less than 13000h before the first overhaul.

2. The solutions of INFINAIR

(1) For the corrosion problem of nuclear power plants, we adopt anti-corrosion structure design:

a. We use "multiple protections" awareness as a design concept. The important components are avoided to use single structure. We properly increase the number of fasteners on the important structure, such as the number of rivets on the impeller.

b. We allowed for corrosion loss and appropriately thicken the plate such as wind turbine impeller parts etc.

c. We Improve the protection level of the parts such as motor using IP55 protection level.

d. We adopt the structure that is easy to be replaced. Our products should be ensured that the bolt connection structure is used to replace the welding and riveting structure.

e. To the important structure, we have the corresponding detection and protection measures. For example, we design the observation window or overhaul gate on the shell and install protective nets on the equipment

f. We adopt the corrosion-resistant materials. The main body uses stainless steel, glass steel instead of carbon steel. It is much better that we use the anti-corrosion spare parts like nickel plated, stainless steel 316 (or 304) material, etc. We adopt surface spraying method, do good surface treatment before coating and improve the adhesion of the coating. We use high performance coatings such as nuclear power plant and nuclear power plant special epoxy primer epoxy paint.

(2). Ventilation’s Structural Stability: 
Lacking of rigidity of frame steel structure and link easily leads to vibration. So all the INFINAIR ventilations will strengthen the base component, such as increasing the angle and number of holes. The ventilation will go through the fluid analysis and structural strength analysis to ensure the structure strength before designing.


3. The feedback of customers

INFINAIR ventilation has solved the China Guangdong nuclear power project’s hard problem. Our nuclear power plant need such durable, antiseptic and high-stable ventilations! In fact, for these problems, we had looked for a mount of data before. It can be said that I was very concerned before the coming of INFINAIR ventilation. But there are almost few problems with years’ working of INFINAIR ventilation and many problems have been solved. Now, I am very rest assured! In addition, the INFINAIR ventilation’s service is very timely. Whenever we need on-site guidance, they can quickly rush to the scene then solve the problem timely! Here, we express our sincerely thanks!


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