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Inline Mixed-flow fan Model YFIMF2017-08-21

Welcome to INFINAIR!

We are just about to show you our innovative product, INFINAIR’s In-line Mixed Flow Fan model YFIMF.

Choosing the right fan is one of the critical steps to build a successful project. Duct fans are commonly seen in most of the ventilation projects. The use of axial fans is one of the efficient solutions but it also generates enormous noise. Centrifugal inline fans can greatly reduce noise as well as being able to bring sufficient airflow over long distances. However, they consume relatively more power over the others. As you can see, no product is perfect. Over the years, developing a low noise product which can bring sufficient airflow with less power consumption has been our priority.

INFINAIR’s YFIMF can fill in the gap between the axial and centrifugal fans, balancing the best of both worlds.

Let’s begin with its unique wheel from the Wind Hunter mixed flow wheel series. Due to its unique design, it consumes less power to achieve the same performance.

Its inclined shroud cover can direct and guide the air flow direction into the wheel effectively, increasing the air pressure while lowering the power consumption and noise simultaneously. Unlike traditional fans where it is difficult to compromise between power consumption, noise and air pressure, the YFIMF has certainly opened a new chapter in the ventilation industry.

The wheel in the Wind Hunter series has unique airflow characteristics. Our engineers have repeatedly optimized the wheel with countless CFD simulations. Then our own sophisticated AMCA accredited laboratory will conduct further experiments on it. Our engineers analyzed all the necessary data which were being used for adjusting the inclination of the shroud cover and the angles of the blades, etc. All these important procedures are the key factors for the evolvement of our renowned Wind Hunter series.

In order to make our products to perfection, our engineers have optimized the wheel even further:

A. The Wind Hunter series adopts unique hemispherical back plate for smoother wheel air intake, reducing turbulence.
B. The Inlet bell and the shroud cover are precisely connected, minimizing the backflow and leakage caused by pressure difference.
C. A guide vane is mounted between the housing and the motor cover which, in a manner that the direction of air flow can be guided properly, reducing noise and increasing the static pressure enormously.

And the list doesn’t stop here. Our engineers also applied FEA technology together with countless experiments to analyze the structural and material behavior; ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand long hours of operation.

In terms of fabrication process, INFINAIR has invested enormously in equipments, molds and state-of-the-art technologies to create the Wind Hunter series, not to mention the huge investment involved. The adoption of continuous welding makes it’s more durable. Its extraordinary G2.5 balancing level has effectively minimized the vibration generated.

The direct drive YFIMF contains no wearing parts. The angle of the blades can be adjusted to fulfill individual requirements. An absolute value for money product!

On the other hand, belt-driven YFIMF is more precise in terms of airflow and pressure. Since the motor is installed outside the housing, it is very suitable for different installation conditions. Different sizes of motors such as two-speed motor, explosion resistant motor and variable frequency motor can be installed easily.

Our YFIMF can be installed in various positions some of the installation method include base mounted or ceiling hung.

Our YFIMF is certified by TÜV SÜD: EN12101-3 standard to withstand the temperature of up to 300°C (570°F) for 120 minutes. Moreover, our YFIMF is also certified by AMCA for its excellent display in air performance, sound and fan efficiency grade (FEG). 

Please remember, no product is perfect, however, we believe INFINAIR’s YFIMF is your ideal choice when it comes to the best of each world as in air pressure, noise level and power consumption respectively.

INFINAIR is endeavoring to provide you with every possible ventilation solution. Want to know more? Please contact us immediately. Thank you for watching.

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