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INFINAIR in your hands2017-06-14


Project Name: BOE’s B5 production line at Hefei City

Area: Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

Product ex-works: January, 2013

The 21st century has been the dawn of
mobile technology.


Mobile technology has been the frontier of creating colors in our world. Display screens on mobile devices enable us to interact with the world effortlessly. Through them, we are able to make our lifestyles more colorful. Welcome to the world of display screens.


Now, the question is: Who is the largest display screen manufacturer in the world?


It is BOE, leader in semiconductor display technologies namely TFT-LCD and AMOLED, which are widely used in mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc.


Winding back to early year 2012, when BOE was looking for effective ventilation solutions for their B5 production line, INFINAIR was one of the bidders. BOE has sent an evaluation team to INFINAIR for on-site assessment. They were impressed about INFINAIR’s sophisticated AMCA accredited laboratory, advanced manufacturing technologies and product varieties. As a result, INFINAIR has won the tender.


During this project, thanks to INFINAIR’s dedicated engineers, they came up with effective ventilation solutions by deploying a mixture of INFINAIR's most reliable and efficient products. Namely, Industrial Centrifugal Fan, In-line Vane Axial Fan, Roof-top Fan, Inline Square Centrifugal Fan, High Efficient Fully Mixed Flow Fan, etc.


Ever since then, INFINAIR has taken part in various ventilation projects for BOE, such as the renovation of BOE’s Chongqing factory, the new Chengdu and Fuzhou factory. INFINAIR has proven to be a reliable partner.


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