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INFINAIR receives the Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award2016-01-20

At 19th February, 2016, the deputy directors and other inspectors of the supervision and management department on the market of Waigang Town, Shanghai, visit Shanghai Nautilus General Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. They have a great conference with the managers of the INFINAIR at warm atmosphere. When rewarding the Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award, everyone is filled with enthusiasm and big smiles. This is the confirmation of the first brand of architecture blower, “INFINAIR”, and the great hope of national industry.

This is the second time for INFINAIR to be rewarded Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award after 2013. The announcement has been released by administrative of Industry and Commerce of Shanghai at 29th December, 2015. It means to strengthen the reliability and capacity of INFINAIR to the costumers, doesn't it?

1.First: More recognition
The value of brand is an intangible asset. When you trust and choose the professional blowers equipment supported by INFINAIR, the good reputation of INFINAIR will be the reason of your high quality. Good reputation is the one of the fundamental requirement.

2. Second: Reliable quality assurance

Reliability is the first value of INFINAIR. Continuously independently research and invention and lean produce, ensuring every delivery product is of reliable quality and stable performance. On the to pursue high quality, INFINAIR actively adopt the third confirmation with repeated and rigorous standards to improve itself, aiming at manufacturing more reliable product. This is also the requirement of Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award.

3. Third: Improve customer service
To INFINAIR, it is difficult to maintain a good reputation while grow up. The growth is due to the support and customer advice. We value the reliability as well as the customer support. INFINAIR is available with the best service for their clients.

INFINAIR receives the Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award


The directors of the supervision and management give great hope and guide work


The managers of INFINAIR: chief inspector (first left) and CEO (second left).


Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark—INFINAIR, is the most trusted brand of professional air movement/control and air conditioning.


The managers share the development of Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark—INFINAIR


Report the intellectual property patent owned by INFINAIR to the inspectors

At the exhibition hall, the inspectors confirm the independent research and development capacity

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