Ⅰ.Strengths of INFINAIR customization service

The great strengths for INFINAIR to provide high-quality customization service:
1. A great deal of application experience:
Hunreds of engineering application practice and relevant experience base construction will help technical engineer assist customer in reasonably finalizing the ultimate demand specification for aerodynamic performance, energy consumption and noise in complicated working condition.

2. Powerful R&D ability:
INFINAIR computational fluid dynamics advanced research will accurately conduct simulative iteration of aerodynamic performance and energy consumption inside computer, and effectively reduce R&D argument time and cost.
INFINAIR finite element analysis technology will conduct reliability verification for structure of customized product, and reasonably optimize the material design scheme.

3. Modular parts platform:
Based on a dozen modular product platform that INFINAIR has now, while quickly building up the customized product, under condition that avoiding fluctuation of early demand, produce much cost of mould and clamping apparatus, and cost of process experiment.

4. Powerful experimental ability
INFINAIR is capable of conducting large-scale product performance testing for one stop, consequently while accurately ensuring the performance of final product, reducing outgoing inspection cost and time cost, realizing fast iteration. (Reference: Introduction of INFINAIR Experimental Test Ability)

5. Agile manufacturing capacity:
INFINAIR flexible manufacturing system is ideal for customized manufacturing mode of “small batch, multi type”, according to specific urgency circumstance of lean production and customer demand, the customized product can be produced with conventional product in the same line, as well as independently in special line, and thus gives more secure delivery time and quality. (Reference: Introduction of INFINAIR Experimental Test Ability)

6. At your service
In each stage of customization, face-to-face communication is quite important. The strong sale and after-sale service network of INFINAIR can be found all over the country, we are at your service and ready to serve you.
INFINAIR’s services offer the following:
A. Confidentiality agreements and related protocols.
B. Independent retention of intellectual property.
C. Independent retention of molds and related aromatization arrangements.
D. Unparalleled communication throughout the entire process.

Please feel free to tell us your concerns and needs and count on INFINAIR as a long-term partner.

Ⅱ.Development process of INFINAIR customization


Stage Item Remark
1 Demand analysis Select and think over the parameters of practical application and aerodynamic performance face to face with customer, control the cost


Finalize and confirm the demand analysis document


2 Preliminary product program Preliminary program design


Simulation and optimization of the aerodynamic performance and structural performance


Preliminarily estimate the development period


Preliminarily estimate the product cost and quotation




Sign cooperation agreement
Sign the customized development agreement


Including confidentiality agreement
4 Product development Feasibility analysis


Detailed product design


Mould design and processing *Only if necessary
Prototype trial-manufacture


5 Product verification Prototype test


Product improvement


Customer confirmation


6 Small batch trial-manufacture Small batch trial-manufacture


On-hook test According to customer demand
7 Batch supply Batch supply