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Tunnel Ventilation Fan - Jet Type-YFTNV

● Wheel Specification: 500/ 560 / 630 / 710 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / 1120 / 1250 / 1400 / 1600
● Volume range: 4.2~52.3 m³/s
● Thrust range: 101 N~3,500 N
● High reliable design 
● High efficiency and wide performance range 
● Low sound 
● High temperature resistance  
● Short time for starting and normal-reverse transfer  
● Convenient installation and maintenance 

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YFTNV/YFNV(R) jet fans are researched and designed independently by digesting and absorbing the technology of congener foreign advanced fans and making a lot of investigations and surveys in tunnel engineering systems of subway, motorway and railway. Thrust force performance and structure design of the series of jet fans can reach international advanced level, with features of high efficiency, high liability, low sound and high temperature resistance. Procedures of design and making and testing of jet fans conform with JB/T10489-2004《Technical Conditions of Jet Fan in the Tunnel》

The serials of jet fans consist of unidirectional YFTNV and bidirectional YFTNV(R).
Unidirectional jet fans are mostly used for one direction ventilation and for counter ventilation in special conditions supplied with 50%-70% thrust force of normal direction ventilation. Bidirectional jet fans perform almost equal thrust force and airflow between normal and counter directions of ventilation.

High reliable design
-- Advanced FEA technology is used for optimized structure design and auxiliary experiment test conformation.
-- Heat inflation of material and the strength at high temperature are fully considered when designing to ensure a high reliability of running for emergency high temperature smoke exhaust.
-- Impeller hub and blades are pressure casted in quality high strength aluminium alloy and every blade must be qualification tested by X ray detection.
-- Fan casing is rolled using quality steel plate by spheronization machine and fully welded, then the flanges are formed by special spin machine. So the fan casing has high structure strength.

High efficiency and wide performance range
-- Advanced CFD technology is used for optimized design of air performance to give a good air quality.
-- Blades with optimal airfoil profile are supplied with adjustable blade pitch in the static state to meet different working point at high efficiency.
-- Streamlined air deflector and nozzles can improve fan air performance efficiency.
-- Maximum thrust force can reach 3500N.

Low sound
-- Each impeller shall reach high quality dynamic balance, which ensures quiet working.
-- The length of silencers on both fan casing ends are mostly one time of impeller diameter, and two times when requiring lower sound.

High temperature resistance
-- Fans shall work at least 60 min at 250℃,and shall not come mechanical and electrical and structural failures .

Short time for starting and normal-reverse transfer
-- Special aluminum alloy impeller with small moment of inertia has a short starting and stopping time. Fans can finish normal-reverse transfer in 60 seconds and ensure emergency quick transfer.

Convenient installation and maintenance
-- Direct drive with no wearing parts and needs little maintenance interval.
-- Extended lubricating pipe lead motor lubricating nipple to the fan shell with easy operating.


 Naming Convention:

Tech Spec

Structure type
Jet fans should be directly driven and be composed of axial airfoil blade impeller and streamlined air deflector on upstream of impeller and silencers collected to both sides of fan housing using high strength bolts. Safe guards should be mounted on both inlet and outlet of the fan to ensure safe running.

According to ventilation requirement, jet fans include unidirectional and bidirectional. Unidirectional jet fan is designed for one directional ventilation and for counter ventilation under special conditions sometimes with 50%~70% thrust force of normal ventilation. Bidirectional jet fans shall be used as normal and counter directional ventilation with same performance.

Fan shell
Jet fan shell should be in quality steel and be rolled to cylinder and then continually welded, with flanges turned up using special flange machine finally. Motor brackets are continually welded with fan casing to ensure high strength and stiffness to support dynamic loads.

Hub and blades of jet fans should be casted in high strength aluminum alloy. Each blade must be tested by X ray to ensure a high quality for reliable running.

Blades using optimal aerodynamic airfoil profile should be fastened to hub with high strength bolts. Every impeller should be dynamically balanced. Blade pitch should be adjustable in static state to meet different operating conditions.

The silencer should have two cylinder structure layers consisting of inner perforated plate and outer steel shell that is rolled and fully welded, and the middle is filled with special superfine glass fiber material which has flame retardant properties of A-class with non combustible, non pest risk, anti damp.

Surface treatment
Surface of jet fan casing should be treated with anticorrosion and antirust. Surface treatment should contain at least two layers of high temperature resistant primer. Fan surface should be galvanized to ensure long time corrosion proof for special requirements.

Jet fan should be fitted with squirrel cage asynchronous motor, standard product of totally enclosed type of damp heat, class H insulation, IP55. Motors are lubricated using sealing grease with extended lubricating nipple on fan shell. Motor lead cables should extend to the fan shell for easy wiring.

Smoke removal certification
Jet fans should meet the requirements of JB/T10489《Technical conditions of jet fan in the tunnel》. This type of jet fans must pass testing according to GA211-2009《Test method for resistance to high temperature of fire smoke exhaust fan》by fire safety inspection agencies accredited by country. Fans shall continually run for 60min at 250℃ reliably and has test report by relevant agency with qualification.

Aluminum nameplate should be permanently fixed and clearly indicate legible fan number, model and product serial number (i.e. unique identification of each machine), ensuring that the customers can conveniently query the history records of the accessories.

Qualified suppliers
Qualified suppliers shall have an AAA credit rating, providing INFINAIR ® or similar products, with their design based on YFTNV/ YFTNV(R) models of INFINAIR ®.

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