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3 Reason why INFINAIR i-Drive motors suit you better 

Motor is a critical part for a fan. A reliable, energy saving and low noise motor would effectively support the fan’s reliability. INFINAIR i-Drive motors are important products and service to increase system reliability, as well as improve customer experience:
1. Advanced efficiency
Model MSEH are certified by authorities to bear Grade 3 Energy Efficiency Label as per GB GB18613-2012.
Model MSEH are certified by authorities to bear Grade 2 Energy Efficiency Label as per GB GB18613-2012.


2. Perfectly match INFINAIR fans
(a) INFINAIR’s AMCA as well as CNAS accredited lab can precisely test fan performance, and make sure the motor selection are more accurate.
(b) INFINAIR motors are designed based on driving performance characteristics of fan load, which means Driving power is in proportion to the cube of fan RPM.
(c) The structure and components of INFINAIR motors are modified according to INFINAIR fan applications:
When an INFINAIR motor is located inside airstream, the unnecessary motor cooling disk is omitted to reduce turbulence & cost;
When an INFINAIR motor is located inside airstream, typically a B30 type structure would be adopted to reduce turbulence of air stream;
When an INFINAIR motor is located inside airstream of a smoke spill fan, a metal cooling disk will replace typical plastic one, prevent it from melting under high temperature, greatly increase the reliability for the fire fighting duty.
When an INFINAIR motor is located inside airstream, the power conduit box is extended outside the fan casing for easy connection and service.

3.convenient after-sale service
Typically fan motor warranty is provided by motor suppliers, some motor’s warranty terms may vary from fans, and make motor service complicated. INFINAIR i-Drive motors provide one-stop service, thru its famous EAGLE SERVICE system, which greatly helps our clients. It reduces complicity and TOC (Total Ownership Cost), and delivers parts much faster.