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Positive Inducing Ventilator-PIV

● Installation: hanging
● Outlet wind speed: 17~24 m/s
● Saving space, easy to install. 
● Optimize design, convenient and smart. 
● Flexible metallic spout, adjust spout angle freely. 
● High efficiency and low energy consumption. 
● Reduce pollution concentration effectively. 

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Postive Inducing Jet Fan-PIV

Product Feature

-- Saving space, easy to install.
-- Small volume, light.
-- Non-ducted, saving investigation.
-- Nice pertinence, working effectively.

Optimize design, convenient and smart
-- Easy to plan the system, control installation budget.
-- Adaptable to all kinds of working conditions.
-- Automatic, linkage in area, reduce energy cost and credibility.

Flexible metallic spout: adjust spout angle freely
-- Universally adjustable, easy to operate.
-- Non-maintenance in long working time.

High efficiency and low energy consumption
-- Positive flow by physical feature.
-- Saving power, low operating cost.

Reduce pollution concentration effectively
-- Air can be fully flow, no dead angle.
-- Reduce pollution concentration; avoid accumulating pollution, improve air quality.


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