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Inline Vane Axial Fan - Propeller Type M-YFIAM

● Impeller Specification: 500~1,400
● Installation: hanging, floor-mounted
● Volume range: 0~230,000 m³/h
● Static pressure range: 0~2,000 Pa
● Patented Cast aluminum axial impeller with wing type vane to increase efficiency. Balance quality grade up to G2.5 (AMCA 204).
● CFD flow optimization repeatedly,high-efficiency range and non-overload.
● Variable angle vane axial impeller make selection more accurate.
● Core component adopts casting process to improve reliability for long-term operation.
● Epoxy powder coating, corrosion and rust-proof.

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High Efficient aerodynamic performance
-- To adopt optimum aerodynamic characteristics of the wing type vanes.
-- Streamlined impeller hub type design.
-- Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation and experimental verification repeatedly.
-- Advanced process to ensure clearance of the impeller and cylinder.
-- High efficiency saves the operation cost.

Great hub ratio design
-- Hub ratio up to 0.56.
-- High pressure rise to improve airflow conveying capacity.
-- To reduce the air flow loss caused by insufficient pressure.
-- Particularly suitable for long distance pipeline.

Reliable structure design
-- Advanced casting process to ensure the accuracy and stability.
-- Computer-aided design of CAE for optimizing repeatedly.
-- High strength of the spiral impeller hub makes the operation more reliable.
-- Innovative hub connecting structure makes the operation safely.

High balancing level

-- Balance level up to G2.5 (Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only).
-- To reduce the vibration of the fan operation, to improve reliability.
-- To reduce the running noise.

Multi-angle selection
-- 500-1400mm, a total of 10 kinds of specifications.
-- 0-35angle, a total of 8 kinds of angles.
-- 2/4/6/8 poles, a total of 4 kinds speed.
-- More precise selection.
-- Optimal selection to reduce the upfront investment and running cost.


High efficiency saves the operation cost greatly
-- To adopt optimum aerodynamic characteristics of the wing type vanes.
-- Smooth the spiral wheel hub to reduce turbulence.
-- Advanced process reduce clearance of the wheel and cylinder to improve efficiency.
-- Be equipped with guide vanes of the wheel.

High reliability, especially suitable for long-term continuous operation
-- Optimized design of FEA and experimental verification repeatedly.
-- Core component adopts casting process to improve the strength.
-- Mold a molding, high precision and good consistency.
-- High balancing level makes the running more smoothly.

Advantages of direct drive: efficient, maintenance-free
-- Higher transmission efficiency.
-- No wearing parts, low maintenance.
-- Easier and more effective of maintenance.
-- Sealed self-lubricating bearing for motor, increasing service life.
-- Compact design to save installation space.

General air supply& exhaust
-- Explosion-proof supply& exhaust.
-- Positive pressure air supply, Smoke removal duty.
-- Two-speed supply& exhaust.

Convenient and flexible installation
-- Floor-mounted: horizontal or vertical.
-- Ceiling-mounted: horizontal or vertical.
-- Rooftop: Outdoor roof installation with flag-cloud wind band.

INFI-KOAT Molecular FilmTM, long-lasting coating
-- Pickling, phosphating and caustic washing to ensure clean surface.
-- Electrostatic incorporation of solid powder to obtain uniform coating.
-- High-adhesion film melt within high temperature furnace.
-- Resistance to ultraviolet, moisture and marine climate.
-- Resistance to large area of uniform corrosion and local pitting corrosion.


Naming Convention:


 Inline Vane Axial Fan -  Propeller Type M-YFIAM


Inline Vane Axial Fan -  Propeller Type M-YFIAM

Tech Spec

YFIAM-D Technical specifications

Fan Type
The fan shall be the axial flow fan with tubular structure. The drive type shall be direct-drive.

Quality Standards 
The fan shall be tested in accordance with AMCA Standard 210 and 300. The manufacturer must own the production license for industrial products and ISO9001 quality system authentication.

Impeller shall be variable angle vane axial wheel to meet the needs of the diverse conditions optimization selection. Vane and hub shall be made in cast aluminum which should be adopted by whole molding mould to ensure the strength of the limit of the tolerance 120% speed and improve the structure reliability and the security of the operation. Vane type shall be the wing to own higher aerodynamic efficiency. The fan shall keep stable airflow and low noise at maximum speed. The impeller shall be statically and dynamically balanced to Level G2.5 as per AMCA204 standard. The fan shall be avoided performance degradation caused by slide of operating point effectively.

Fan Housing
Fan housing shall be constructed of continuously welded cold rolled steel panel with epoxy surface, the flange shall be integrated machine shaping.

The impeller shall be directly connected with the motor. The motor shall adopt B5 installation structure, and its protection grade shall be IP54, while insulation class F and temperature rise B. The motor bearing shall be self-lubricating ball bearing. The power reserve coefficient of the motor shall be per 110% so as to improve the safety in using the motor. Fan cylinder internal should be equipped with guide vane to improve aerodynamic performance and static pressure efficiency, smoother air flow is required, and the blades of the guide vane shall be of 3d curved surface in compliance with flow field characteristics.
Junction box of motor: Since the motor is within the fan, the supplier shall provide junction boxes to lead the wire out of the fan, and correct types of junction boxes shall be selected according to the specific application, such as fire protection type, explosion-proof type and common type. 


Fan surface shall be polished and cleaned up to remove particulates, welding slag, burrs, sharp edge, iron, oil, then epoxy coating [options: colour changes are available], fan surface shall be free of sags, wrinkle, blisters, exposed metal or peeling after coating. It shall be no corrosion and rust at least 10 years in allowable working condition. 

Explosion-proof Structure (Only for explosion-proof type)
The impeller of the explosion-proof fan shall be made in cast aluminum and the motor shall adopt explosion-proof type. The whole fan should own CNEX certification and the manufacturer must own the production license for anti-explosion electric products.

Fire fighting Certification (Only for smoke removal duty)

The fan shall be tested OK in complying with the General Usage Axial Fan technical Specification (China National Standard JB/T 10562-2006). A test report issued by licensed authorities shall be provided. The fan must be tested according to China National Standard GA 211-2009, Fire Fighting Smoke Removal Fan High Temperature Testing Method, running continuously over 30 minutes when the main duct air temperature is 280 degrees centigrade. The high temperature resistance character must be qualified by presenting an official certificate.


Permanently fixed aluminum nameplate shall be fixed on fan body clearly display fan mark, product model and serial number (i.e.: unique ID for each fan), so that the customer can use this number to find out the parts used. 

Acceptable Manufacturers
Qualified suppliers shall have an AAA credit rating. Providing INFINAIR or similar products, with their design based on YFIAM models of INFINAIR.

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