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Inline Axial Fan-YFIAS

● Impeller Specification: 350~1,600
● Volume range: 2600~180,000 m³/h
● Static pressure range: 50~1,600 Pa
● Optimized steel axial impeller,high-efficiency and non-overload.
● Drive chamber isolated from air with positive cooling to extend motor life.
● Balance quality grade up to G2.5 (AMCA 204).
● Direct drive, high efficient and maintenance-free.
● Epoxy powder coating, corrosion and rust-proof.

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Optimized design
IAS series axial impeller adopts advanced state-of-the-art CFD hydro-field simulating technology. It features localized stress equilibrium during operation,energy efficient,low noise. Specially designed curved impeller blade surface guarantees excellent aerodynamic performance.

Balancing level
Every impeller is statically and dynamically balanced to the level of G2.5(Typical products are of G6.3 only). This would help the wheel running quietly after long time.

Molding technology
Punch forming moulds guarantee uniform and standard blade profile arc, precise dimensions and provide excellent foundation for long-term stable running.

Continuous welding
Blades shall be precision positioning and hub for continuously welded. High strenghth, reinforced vibration tolerance, and long life performance no easy fatigue.


Independent motor chamber: protect motor from high temperature damage
-- Motor located in an independent chamber, isolated from airstream
-- Motor fan generated negative pressure,draw fresh cooling air from outside
-- Heat shield power supply,wiring out of airstream and avoiding shout-cut

Rigid structure with state-of-the-art workmanship
-- Housing rigidity improved by spun flanges from same piece of housing metal
-- Housing: continuously welded,leakage free
-- 12 procedures of electrostatic applied epoxy coating: anti-corrosion resistance improved

Licensed smoke removal duty
-- National approved&lincensed smoke removal duty
-- Dual-speed motor available covering both general&smoke removel duty
-- Roof pressurizing or exhaust installation type available

Advanced aerodynamic flow pattern

-- High housing roundness reduced turbulence
-- Limited tip clearance:blade tip turbulence effectively reduced&fan's efficiency improved
-- Guide vane:efficiency improve noise reduce
-- Large wind band can be assembled at jobsite: quick and economic
-- Large size hood assembled ai jobsite: expensive hositing cost reduced
-- Large size hood shipped hoose: transportation cost reduced


Naming Convention:

Tech Spec

IAS Technical Specification

Fan Type
The fan impeller shall be constructed of steel to ensure the rigidity at fan maximum speed. The wheel shall be statically and dynamically balanced to Level G2.5 as per AMCA204 standard.

Quality Standards
The fan shall be tested in accordance with AMCA Standard 210 and 300. The manufacturer must own the production license for industrial products and ISO9001 quality system authentication.

Fan Housing
Fan housing shall be constructed of cold rolled steel. The surface shall be anti-corrosion treated, and the flange shall be fabricated from the casing material for strengthening. The housing thickness shall be adequate to ensure the structure rigidity after motor installed.

Motor Chamber with Cooling System
Motor shall be installed in a special motor chamber, which isolates the motor from the exhaust air stream to avoid the influence of high air temperature. This chamber shall have special air channel, suck in fresh air from outside of the fan to cool the motor.


Motor shall be carefully matched to the fan load, IP54, and insulation class F. Motor bearings shall be lubricant ball type. Motor and drives shall be out of the air stream to avoid grease or dirt accumulation.

Fire fighting Certification (Only for smoke removal duty)
The fan shall be tested OK in complying with the General Usage Axial Fan technical Specification (China National Standard JB/T 10562-2006). A test report issued by licensed authorities shall be provided. The fan must be tested according to China National Standard GA 211-2009, Fire Fighting Smoke Removal Fan High Temperature Testing Method, running continuously over 30 minutes when the main duct air temperature is 280 degrees centigrade. The high temperature resistance character must be qualified by presenting an official certificate.

Fan surface shall be polished and cleaned up to remove particulates, welding slag, burrs, sharp edge, iron, oil, then epoxy coating [options: colour changes are available], fan surface shall be free of sags, wrinkle, blisters, exposed metal or peeling after coating. It shall be no corrosion and rust at least 10 years in allowable working condition.

Permanently fixed aluminum nameplate shall be fixed on fan body clearly display fan mark, product model and serial number (i.e.: unique ID for each fan), so that the customer can use this number to find out the parts used.

Acceptable Manufacturers

Qualified suppliers shall have an AAA credit rating. Providing INFINAIR or similar products, with their design based on IAS models of INFINAIR.


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