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Backward Curved DWDI Centrifugal Fan for AHU - Wheel Type H-YFBCDH

● Volume range: 1,200~140,000 m³/h
● Static pressure range: 300~2,600 Pa
● Double inlet centrifugal fan: YFBCDH series with backward curved type. 
● This series for 24 hours continuous operation, Suitable for conveying of 280℃ gas. 
● Default bearing brand is PEER, Optional NSK brand. 

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Forward/Backward Inclined DWDI Fan-YFBCDH

The backward inclined DWDI wheel has good ability of high efficiency and high energy savings Advanced technology ensure accuracy More reliable physical design
The backward curved wheel has higher efficiency comparing with axial wheel, mixed flow wheel and forward curved wheel
Accurately sized V-type performance baffle effectively reduced turbulence which results low noise and high efficiency
The backward curved wheel has repeatedly optimized performance cures results safer running
The fan housing is “Pittsburgh” method joined, which results 0 air leakage
The two pieces of housing side joint at the same one time procedure to improve the accuracy and reduce the dimension of assembly error
The blades are made by once punch forming, and dedicated fixture to ensure precise install
The backward curved wheel reinforcing rod set on exact position to ensure long-term secure operation
The fan is supported by stable channel steel frame, so that stable running of the fan is ensured
    High balancing level
Balance level up to G2.5 (Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only)
To reduce the vibration of the fan, to improve reliability
To reduce the running noise effectively


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Forward/Backward Inclined DWDI Fan-YFBCDH

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