Looking for a reliable manufacturer/real ventilation solution provider to work with, develop with, and make friend with?
INFINAIR is trying to be the good choice.

1. Complete product line
-- Complete Industrial heavy duty centrifugal product line
-- Complete Commercial/ public building ventilation product line
-- Complete industrial workshop ventilation product line
-- Complete infrastructure (metro/ tunnel) ventilation product system
-- 50/ 60Hz motor with various voltage suitable for your local power supply
-- Complete product line means optimization, solution, and value.

2. Reliable back-stage support
-- Made in Shanghai, China with 33,000 m2 manufacturing center, state-of-the-art process equipment, ISO9001, 14001, OSHAS18001 certified system. See more Certifications
-- Our Venturi model selection software: submittal and quotation for your client in minutes
-- International certificate/ accreditation, widely certified by AMCA See AMCA membership certific ate  |  See AMCA accredited lab
-- Int’l support team to work online together
-- Easy to do business with: Empathy, rationality and respect true value creation.

3. Keen to develop together with you
-- We are not the biggest, but we are friendly and nice
-- We cherish each sales lead and every chance come to us
-- The best partner we are looking for is self-motivated and aggressive.
-- Let our products and your local service co-create value for our common client together.

Pls. contact our int’l support team now, and let us know each other now.
[email protected]

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