Explosion-Proof Certification

Explosion-proof certification

Fans which operate in flammable and explosive gas environment should be ensured not to generate spark which would ignite or detonate the flammable and explosive gas environment. Such fans are generally referred to as explosion-proof fans.

Features of explosion-proof fan:
-- Use explosion-proof motor (flame-proof or dust explosion-proof).
-- Three explosion-proof levels (AMCA99-0401 Classifications for Spark Resistant Construction).
-- lass A – all flow passage components such as impeller, air intake and housing are made of non-black metal.
-- Class B – the impeller and air intake are both made of non-black metal.
-- Class C - the impeller or air intake are made of non-black metal.
-- Note: iron is black metal, generally nonferrous metal or metal with iron content lower than 5% are called non-black metal.

RTC, ISQ, YFRTX, YFIAM, WEX, WSP, CUS, YFIMF and YFBC etc of INFINAIR have obtained explosion-proof certification approval; they can be used in explosion protection occasions.

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